What is your Career Path?

After college, there’s only one thing we need to do, find a job. . regardless if it’s in-line with what you have studied or something not even related.
I remember the time when I was about to enroll for college, I asked my sister what course to take up as she would be the one to help pay the tuition. She said Computer Engineering, it was popular at that time. So, i spent 5 years learning it. I did not excel in programming, I was just an average college student, who goes to school and go home afterwards.

Actually, I didn’t see myself being a programmer or doing or working same as my college classmates. I actually like drafting, doing manly works, or even thinking about taking up automotive or something. Shifting to Architecture, Civil Engineering or Mechanical engineering even crossed my mind.

I also haven’t thought of going abroad. If I should have known, I should have taken up Architecture or Civil Engineering. If I knew only that I would be working in a construction firm here in Dubai.

When I was let go two weeks ago from the company, I thought to myself, it would be easy for me to find another job. I registered and subscribe to different jobsites, and there it would ask you to select your academic qualifications. When I scroll down the list, Computer Engineering isn’t even there. WTF! it seems like it’s not even recognized, even if it’s not in demand here in Dubai, but at least it should be included in the list.

Whenever I browse for a job related to Architectural and Construction, I get disappointed when I see the minimum qualification requirement where you should be a graduate of Architecture or Civil Engineering, which means I am not qualified. Dem!

I have not regretted for what has happened 15 years ago. It’s just that I have only realized this after 10 years being graduated from school. If only I have taken up another course after, maybe I would have more options.

As I’ve said, I have not regretted anything, still I was able to graduate from college and I had a wonderful and not-so-wonderful but unforgettable experience with friends and friendemies.
I am just thankful that my engineering background led me to where I am right now. But still, IF only I had chosen carefully and took things seriously way before. I would not end up like this.
This is so frustrating.

Since I lost my job, I have been thinking on what and which exactly I am good at?.. I don’t even know! This becomes so frustrating now! really!

Amidst of all this, I am still thankful for the experience I made so far in the construction industry, where I have learned to read drawings and understood them. I am positive and hopeful to get another job, though I am not sure if I still want to be in-line with what I used to do. I am thinking of going sideways, going curved-ways in my career, but I haven’t decided which way. This is a very tough decision. If i go the other way, would i succeed? I guess, I just need someone to trust me and give me chance to try it.

Well, as they say, you gotta learn life the hard way.. the hard way it is!

This has been long overdue, we attended the Sinulog last January in Cebu when we had our vacation in Pinas. Sinulog is a celebration of Sto.nino, this falls every 3rd Saturday & Sunday of January. The Celebration is about thanking the Sto.nino for the abundance & blessings the people received. A part of Cebu’s tradition.ย 

We were excited in waking up early morning to go to Basilica de Sto.Nino church and attended the mass, we have to push our way to the church, it was crowded, I was afraid stampede might happen. I love singing ‘Bato Balani’ while waiving your hand up high.

It was hot that day, at least. . We walked from the Church to Jones st. then to Sto. Rosario st., we stayed there and watched the parade, and took some photos, around afternoon we went to Ayala Mall, rode a jeepney for like 5 minutes then walk until we reached the Mall, stayed there until 7pm , had dinner at the Moon Cafe. Then went home, we were so tired for the day.

Until next time. .

Our 5th year anniversary! Gone thru a lot & here we still are ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ’‘๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿท#lovers #couples

Our 5th year anniversary! Gone thru a lot & here we still are ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ’‘๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿท#lovers #couples


As of yesterday, we are officially a resident of Sharjah. We had to move-out by the end of the month as we had promised the landlord that we would. Anyhow, we are still blessed that we are able to get a 2-bedroom flat apartment on our own, the rent is cheap in Sharjah than in Dubai, we would not be able to find an equally cheap rent even a single room.ย 

We are not familiar with the places or landmark’s in Sharjah, but we are still able to get around and found our way. Under the scorching hot day of 43deg.C we ran back and forth from one place to the other, went to SEWA (Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority) and Municipality to have our Tenancy Contract stamped and attested. We were so happy that we had finished it all of it on the same day. Hopefully we could move in by the end of this month.

Moving from one place to the other has never been easy, I think this would be my 7th home from Karama -Al Wasl - Jaffliya -Satwa Near Al Maya - Satwa Near Bus station - Karama near Metro station! Hahahaha!

I was glad that I was able to experience to live a lot of people, with different personalities and character, with the most annoying person on earth and with the most sweetest one.

We are excited to explore Sharjah and decorate our room as how we want it, it is a nice and new feeling to have our own home.

I hope & pray that everyday we would be safe driving from home to work or where ever we go and have a peaceful and harmonious home.


Karma ba or Kasawiang Palad?

Nakakalungkot isipin na sa isang iglap may mangyayari sayong hindi maganda at hindi inaasahang bangungot.

Si Bert, kasamahan ko sa trabaho na naka.assign sa site, 2 saturdays ago sinugod ng kasama nyang driver sa hospital dahil masakit raw ulo nya, sabi raw may internal bleeding at na.comatose. Madami ang nalungkot cympre dahil kilala din cya ng mga tao at ng mga Manager sa company. Isa cya sa pinakamatagal na empleyado.

Nakausap ko cya nung huwebes na bago ang mga pangyayari na hindi na daw cya nakakapagpahinga, umuuwi ng umaga galing sa trabaho at pinapapasok din pagkatapos ng ilang oras, at bukod dun panahon ngayun ng tag-init sa UAE, hindi ung tipong 36-38C na nirereklamo ng mga taga-pinas kundi inaabot ng 40-48C. Malamang isa din yun sa mga dahilan kaya nagtrigger kung ano man ang nararamdaman nyang sakit sa katawan.

Sabi ng mga kasama ni Bert sa site, mula nuon pa, hindi cya marunong makisama, at nanghuhulog at nagtatraydor at masama magsalita sa mga kasama nya sa site. Madami ang galit sa kanya, ung iba na nawalan ng trabaho cya kaagad ang unang pinagbintangan na siyang ang may kagagawan. Sabi nga ng iba, kung alam lang nila kung saan nakatira si Bert sa pinas, aabangan nila ito at gugulpihin. Kahit dati pa man mula ng ako’y malipat sa company namin, lagi na akong pinagsasabihan na h’wag pakipag-usap sa kanya o makipagkaibigan.

Si Bert ngayun ay nakaratay sa Rashid Hospital at na.comatose, dapat nung isang araw ay naka.schedule sya na ooperahan.

May nagsasabi na sinisingil na sya at karma nya ang nagyari, sa sobra ng dami na kasalanan nya ay dapat lang sa kanya yun. May nasabi din sya na hindi maganda sa aking kabiyak, na nung una ay kinagalit ko, at sinabi ko na wala akong paki-alam kahit nasa hospital sya, at mula noon ay hindi na ako na nakikibalita sa kalagayan nya.

Pero nang malaman ko kanina na hindi na daw pala sya inoperahan ng Doctor dahil kumalat na ang blood clot sa ulo nya, baka pa daw maging malala ito, hanggang ngayun hindi pa din cya nagigising, wala akong nasabi kung nakakakaawa. Naisip-isip ko, kahit pa akong kasalanan nung tao, hindi dapat buhay nya ang kapalit dahil wala tayong karapatan na gawin yun or hilingin yun. Kung makakarma man cya, sa ibang paraan na lang, at hindi ganito.

Sana magising cya, at mabigyan cya ng pagkakataon na magbago at bumawi sa mga taong nasaktan nya, na may pamilya syang nag.aantay sa pag-galing nya at umaasa sa kanya.

At sayo Bert, sana magising ka na. .

I know this is random but i have a question about your camera! Does the camera come with one roll of film or do you have to purchase it separate?

no free film, you have yo purchase it separately..as well as the battery for the flash..

Someone left my wallet empty. .

This is the first time ever happened to me. I am always cautious on my personal things like wallet & cellphone.

Just today early morning at 5am, we woke up early to go to fish market and prepare something to bring to the beach for breakfast. I put on a jacket & put my wallet & phone inside my jacket’s pocket, heading to my car a few seconds later i noticed my wallet wasn’t there anymore. I knew I might have dropped it and i panicked. It has my UAE ID card, my ATM, Credit Card, Driving license, Health card & some cash. It was so early in the morning i could even count the passersby. I went back to home, tried to find my wallet thinking that I might left it somewhere but know in my mind i brought it with me when i went outside. We crossed the street back & forth & couldn’t find it.

Then I noticed a guy from across the street wearing a blue jacket, looked like a yellow polo shirt inside, black pants, with earphones came back where i think i dropped my wallet then he went running to the bus stop & quickly hopped in when the bus came. There it was,I found my wallet empty. When i realized it could be him who picked my wallet we rushed to the bus stop & he was gone.ย 

He took all the money in there, it was worth 2,440 AED to be exact. I counted it because i tried to save it for incoming expenses & bills like the car insurance, RTA fines and now it’s gone. It may not be much for some, but it is for me. Im so heartbroken.ย 

If only i had deposited the money last night, or we went out just few minutes behind when the guy passed by, this would had not happened. Sad thing is, he was a “Kabayan” a fellow filipino, I’m sure that he saw us running back & forth looking down & was looking for something, he could have said “hey, you dropped something” or whatever. Jhey said that I should still be thankful that he returned my wallet with all the ID cards & all, or else it would be hassle to report them & go thru all the process. In Dubai, in terms of money, you should trust NO ONE. ย Then again, I’m a victim of circumstance. #someoneleftymywalletempty

This has been long overdue, bought this Lomo cam around June this year. I found this at www.lomography.com site. I love this edition of La Sardina, Capri-punta. I love that it’s using a 35mm film, which is very common and when I go to shop and have the film developed and printed, I get a free film and an album! Yey!

I haven’t tried to use a black&white film, it’s so hard to find it these days! some of the shops I go to, they don’t process any black & white films anymore :( , they say that I am the only one who go to their shop and bring films, imagine that!

I usually get a comment like, ” does it work?” or “it’s old”, well well well. . it’s not old, it’s analogue and a new model for analogue cameras. I don’t care and i kind of love the attention that they stare at it when I held it. Haha!ย 

I always bring this with me and incase I see a beautiful clouds or view or some architectural landscape here in Dubai, or take photos of family & friends, then I am ready to point and shoot!

I was so glad that I found this at Sharaf DG, this was not the purpose of my visit, but when i laid my eyes on this, i couldn’t get my hands of it. What I got is Instax mini 7s, and it came in a box with a camera holder, 4 pcs AA batteries. I paid 249dhs just for the unit and bought the film separately which cost me additional 30dhs for 10 films in a pack.

I have been wanting to have a polaroid camera of my own, finally! I was worried that I would not find another film to use since it’s barely used here. I got hope when I found some online shop that are still actively selling polaroid cams including the accessories. I ย have been eyeing for another lomo cam or polaroid. I want another one, but i’ll try to use this one first! haha!

I’ll post the photo results next time!

OMG I’m 30! Hell Yeah! I would have not thought that when I come to this age, I would be at this stage, that I would be here in dubai or be married.

I had my 30th birthday alone! I was really heartbroken knowing the fact that my own future-ex husband did not remember my birthday. .so sweet eh? instead he had lot of things going on his mind, like thinking of what to buy for his nieces which literally i paid for. Anyway, first thing on that saturday morning I woke up early & went to church, lit 11 candles, prayed a bit & drove anywhere. I took few stops to take a photo of sunrise and the few scattered yet beautiful clouds.

After I went to church, I headed to Jumeirah, bought myself a breakfast from Mcdonalds & brought it to the open beach & stayed there. The view was surreal. The weather was fine, then I called my colleague Sarah & had lunch after. Then had strolled in the Mall for a bit & bid goodbye to her & then I headed to the open beach near JBR.ย 

It was boring but I had a time for myself, to be honest I did not know what to feel or I have been trying to understand it. I wasn’t emotional at that time, I just didn’t want to be with people. I just want to be alone.

I know it would not be wise to think that I was not really happy on my birthday. I was & always be grateful of being alive, but I was not really happy at all that day. Maybe because I think I am not important, or I am being taken for granted, or people really haven’t had a thought about it, I mean the my sister & Jhey, not exactly other people. I know I did say that I don’t want to celebrate but haler!. .It didn’t mean that they should not remember it.

I was really depressed at that time, at writing about it a week later still feels the same. I wasn’t home that day, the whole day. I was driving around where I want. I wouldn’t gone home if I wasn’t sleepy, I know it would not be safe to be still driving, I’m afraid I might doze off.ย 

When I got home, Jhey was waiting outside our building, he was worried, he cried & felt sorry for me. I didn’t even realize that I should be sorry for, because I spent my birthday alone. I really didn’t know how to react on what he said. I kept on telling him not to feel sorry for me coz I’m just alright. I felt fine, I didn’t feel sorry for myselt, no. .not at all. I was even at peace. In fact, I didn’t feel anything, no hatred, I didn’t even cry or whatsoever. I think I was numb that day. I totally don’t know what or how to describe that feeling.

Well, we all want to be our birthdays to be memorable. . Indeed, so as mine!